branch box title
Large (3"-4" dia) - $9.00
Small (2"-3" dia) - $7.50

These handsome boxes are cut from continuous branch lengths, with the natural, irregular edge of the lid lining up perfectly with the sides of the box. Made from choice old growth branches, the bark is thick and craggy, and the wood grain is very fine, allowing for clear sharp imprints of our images.

Branch boxes range in size from 2" to 4" across and vary considerably in shape. We've spent years perfecting the manufacture of these boxes, and the result is a durable, high quality box with mirror smooth top and bottom sufaces, and a lustrous natural finish.

Branch Box

• flush fitted swivel lid
• inside opening 2" deep - felted bottom

• wooden plug conceals lid screw
• serrated leaf tag secured with raffia

Forest Path Designs: Many attractive DESIGNS are available for the forest path branch box.
FirstArt branch box title
Each - $9.00

The FirstArt branch boxes feature the Frog and Eagle designs which were created exclusively for this product by West Coast native artist Bill Helin. Bill's designs present his reflection on the Unity of Nature. With each design, forms of other creatures are suggested and, for the viewer, keep the designs fresh and alive.

The images are branded onto the box lids for a permanent, embossed look. Presentation booklet-style tags provide a photo and biography of the artist. The bottom of each box is inscribed with the artists' signature.

First Art Branch Box
FirstArt Designs: Helin Eagle, Helin Frog
life crest box title
Each $7.50

The Life Crest boxes feature six original designs by West Coast native artist Bill Helin. These boxes are smaller in size (approx. 2"-3") than the FirstArt boxes, and the six lid designs are printed in black ink. The ink is deep penetrating and hard wearing, and the Life Crest box has the same hand waxed finish as our other boxes.

Each box bottom is inscribed with Bill's signature. Included with each box are booklet-style tags, with cover design printed in gold foil, insert pages with a photo and biography of the artist, and information about the design and wood source.

Life Crest Boxes
Life Crest Designs: Eagle, Hummingbird, Otter, Raven, Orca, Frog
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