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Wildwood Candle Bases are made from hand-split sections of red cedar, resulting in a wood texture which is rich and unique. One face is smoothed and printed with a bold, hand coloured design, which lends modern design appeal to a rustic medium. With heavy gauge copper top, each base is sturdy, safe and handsome.

Wildwood Olive Oil Candles are reminiscent of the fish oil candles used by the aboriginal people of the Northwest Coast. The design which we offer is similar in concept, but with some notable improvements. The resulting "oil candle" is very efficient - it bums brighter, cleaner and safer than ordinary wax candles. Of course it is also an interesting conversation piece and, with its hand-split cedar base, a handsome addition to any table setting.

Candle Base
Oil Candle
Candle Bases
• hand-split Western Red Cedar
• heavy gauge solid copper top
• 3/4" brass socket (fits standard tapers)
• available in two sizes (3 3/4" & 5" tall)
• available in Native or Poppy design
• each comes with a pair of Jake's candles
Oil Candles
• heavy gauge copper oil vessel
• burns safely, using olive oil for fuel
• can be re-used indefinately
• available in Native or Poppy design
• set in sturdy, hand-split cedar base
• available in two sizes ( 5" & 6 1/4")
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