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4"x 6"- $7.50
Natural features and modern design are combined to create a fresh, unique look in Photo Frames. Standard size 4" x 6" photos are easy to install. The acrylic window is durable and safe-edged; easel stand. Care is taken to use branch pieces with interesting natural features, and no two frames are exactly alike. Excellent for outdoor photos.
4x 6 Photo Frame
The booklet-style Gift Package is made of sturdy, fluted cardboard, and opens to reveal the frame and accompanying story card.
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This compact Counter Stand holds 12 Gift Packs. A slot in the front displays one unpackaged frame
Gift Pack Counter Stand
Display Offer: Our counter stand comes free with orders of 24 frames.
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4"x 6"- $7.50
4"x 10"- $9.00
A photo "floats" between two sets of 'pilings', made from smoothed alder twigs. Fold-over acrylic window holds standard size photos in horizontal format.
Piling Frames
4"x 6" Piling Frame and 4"x 10" Piling Frame
photo frame & frame stand title
Each - $5.50

Our 4" x 6" Fir Half Round Photo Frame, a fold-over acrylic window, holds standard size photos either vertically or horizontally. The base is a cross cut section of a large fir limb, smoothed and polished to a fine finish.

photo frame & stand
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