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Yew wood is one of the most interesting and exotic woods of the West Coast Rainforest. Relatively rare, the wood is very fine grained, yet flexible and strong. Aboriginal people valued yew wood for use in bows, spears and fishooks. Our Wildwood Hair Clasp is made using the traditional method of steam-bending. The designs, by Native artists Bill Helin and Dan Yunkws, are heat branded into the wood, and each piece is oiled, hand waxed and buffed for a durable, rich and lustrous finish. The gift card provides information about the design and artist, and includes a red storage pouch for the clasp.

Display Offer: Our free-standing counter display is made from a hand-split cedar shake, and is provided free of charge with the purchase of 24 Hair Clasps.
Designs: Wolf, Natural, Hummingbird, Salmon
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