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Each - $2.25
One of our most popular products, this set of natural wooden brooch pins (also available as magnets) features six original designs by renowned West Coast native artist Bill Helin. The images are simple yet evocative, and range from playful to powerful. The pins are made from cross-cut pieces of select branches, which are sanded, oiled and polished to a smooth, lustrous finish. A bar type pin finding, or strong magnet, is inset on the reverse side. Because these are cut from natural pieces, no two are exactly alike. To do justice to Bill's art, the finished pins are mounted on beautiful fold-over presentation cards, with his Circle of Life design embossed on the front. On the back is a photo and biography of Bill and information about the source of material used for this product.
Life Crest Pins & Magnets

Display Offer: Our free-standing display is designed for optimum presentation of these cards. With polished wood base, clear acrylic back and solid brass pegs, it holds six up of each design (36 cards). We supply this display FREE with an order of 72 cards.

Life Crest Designs: Hummingbird, Frog, Orca, Eagle, Raven, Otter
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Magnets - $1.50
Pins - $1.50
In making our Pins and Magnets we use several different species of branches, and cross-cut the pieces to reveal the natural irregularities of the wood. This results in an endless variety of natural patterns and colours, which bring life to the designs. The pins are fitted with a brass tie-tack pin, and the magnets have a strong 3/4" ceramic magnet. Each piece is unique.
pins & magnets
Designs: Our Pin and Magnet designs feature attractive natural themes.
Display Offer: Our handsome counter displays are provided FREE with orders of 100 pins or magnets
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Each - $2.50

photo magnetThese little frames are made from cross-cut peices of 3" diameter Douglas Fir branches. A recessed window holds a 1-1/4" photo, which is easily installed by removing the spring fitted copper ring. A clear acetate disc protects the photo, and a strong magnet holds the frame securely in place.

Display Offer: A magnet display (above right) is available with a minimum purchase of 40 Photo Magnets.

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