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Natural - $2.25
Imprinted/Critter - $2.50

A popular feature of the Wildwood Twig Pens is the option of having a sanded field for your custom name or place imprint. The imprint is branded into the wood, leaving a rustic looking, clear and permanent impression (up to 15 letters). There is a minimum of 24 pens for custom imprint orders.

Critter Pens, 2" shorter than our twig pens, have a brightly coloured "critter" on a sanded field near the top end. Quite popular among the young set.


twig & critter pens

• smooth writing ballpoint
• 2 1/2" long ink reservoir
• breather hole for continuous ink flow

• sanded field for your custom imprints
• serrated leaf tag secured with raffia

Critter Pen Designs: Ladybug (red), Frog (green), Orca (black), Junebug (green)
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